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Additional Information 附加信息



Please note that part-day/full day field trips (requiring transportation) and overnight trips require separate permission forms, which will be distributed by BWYA at appropriate times during the school year. 请注意: 学校将不定期为学生组织各项活动, 如为期半天或全天的实地考察旅行、需在外住宿的长途实地考察旅行等。学校对此类活动将另发通知,在得到您的许可之后,学生方能参加。


1. If both parents are not residing in Beijing, it is required that at least one legal guardian be legally resident in Beijing with a long-term work permit, and a guardianship contract will be signed between the guardian and the parents. The guardianship contract in Chinese version needs to be notarized.
2. The student will remain enrolled full time in the school to the end of the current academic year. Should a student withdraw from the school, the student’s parents or legal guardian undertake to give, in writing to the Principal, a notice of termination. The school will refund tuition fees according to the Withdrawal and Refund Policy and schedule.
3. The student, his/her parents and the student’s guardian(s) will abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and abide by the school’s published policies and procedures.
4. The student’s parents or legal guardian(s) agree that students, when at school on school property, when taking or boarding the bus to and from their homes, or when on organized field trips are at all times supervised by staff members and/or other responsible adults who will exercise all reasonable caution. However, parents or the guardian(s) of the student understand that the school and its members cannot accept any liability for accidents or incidents which may occur either at school, en route to school, on school grounds or during the student’s participation in the bus service or field trips operated by Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA).
5. It is the responsibility of the parents or the student’s legal guardian(s) to ensure students are covered with current and comprehensive health insurance during their time at BWYA.
6. If the student holds X-visa, and his/her parents are not residing in Beijing, it is required the student be covered with medical insurance via the school arrangement with an appointed medical insurance company in China.
7. The parents or the guardian(s) of the student grant permission to BWYA to use the student’s photos in print or digital promotions for the school, as well as on its website.
8. The parents or the guardian(s) of the student provide complete information without omission or falsification. In the event that it is revealed that the student’s parents or his/her legal guardian deliberately falsified or omitted information, BWYA reserves its right to terminate this Agreement with no refund of fees paid.
9. The parents or the guardian(s) of the student accept that BWYA retains the right to terminate this Agreement should the student not comply with the rules of the school or should the Head of School determine that the student is unable to benefit adequately from the education BWYA provides.
10. BWYA can help obtain residence permit (X-visa) for the oversea student at additional cost.


I grant permission for release of school records and any confidential information between BWYA and the applicant’s current school.


Date: Oct 22, 2019